Managing workloads and complexity – Quick Tips


Below are some quick tips for the challenges associated with the theme Managing workloads and complexity.  The tips are itemised in dot form and are unashamedly simplistic, but are included to meet the just in time needs of busy academics.  There is occasional overlap between themes.

Challenges may be minimised by:

  •     Accepting that during semester you will be working long hours
  •     Reflecting more on what you are doing, how and why
  •     Organising and prioritising
  •     Asking others for tips about working efficiently
  •     Asking for help from HoS, Centres of Teaching & Learning
  •     Attending time management workshops
  •     Setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)
  •     Writing lists and prioritising them
  •     Writing key priorities and timelines on a whiteboard
  •     Developing organising frameworks that work for you;
  •     Building resilience
  •     Building strong rapport with colleagues
  •     Culture change
  •     Delegating to those you trust
  •     Enhancing communication with key stakeholders
  •     Finding a mentor
  •     Knowing what what to ask
  •     Patience
  •     Repeating what works
  •     Sharing responsibilities
  •     Time management
  •     Working independently
  •     Keeping things simple
  •     Avoiding getting caught up in small matters
  •     Accepting the busy times and going with the flow
  •     Negotiating workloads with Heads of School
  •     Handling complaints quickly
  •     Handling emails while relaxing with TV or music
  •     Ignoring the trivial
  •     Being economical with time
  •     Seeking guidance from a discipline professional
  •     Trusting your own judgment
  •     Surviving
  •     Learning to cope with challenges on the run
  •     Regular meetings with Academic Chair to organise technical accuracy of    content, develop resources, assessments, and project diaries

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