Topic: Research-based learning

Stories from Australian academics in unit coordination roles that touch on the topic of research-based learning.

Giving heart and soul to students

This university was known as a teaching only institution until five years ago when the emphasis became more focussed on research.  This is good for me, because I love research in my subject area of applied mathematics, for which I … More…

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All that matters is research

This coordinator discusses the tension between teaching quality units and the expectation of writing 4 papers a year. As Assoc. Dean in L & T she has tried using innovative approaches to assisting new staff but finds that a direct approach to individual Unit Coordinators works best in terms of finding out what support they need. More…

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The quality illusion

This coordinator feels increased pressure from the expectation to undertake research in addition to his teaching and coordination responsibilities. Added to this is the increase in student numbers and their lowered motivation, while trying to maintain unit quality. Work/life balance is affected. More…

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Managing the workload

This Unit Coordinator began her career in a regional university setting before moving to a city based research intensive university. She describes the differences in technology application between the universities and the level of support provided to Unit Coordinators. More…

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Mixed messages

This coordinator constantly seeks to improve his teaching and materials to maximise the students learning experience. He struggles with the teaching/research dilemma and the focus on research outputs required to gain recognition and be valued by the university. The role is a constant juggle. More…

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