Topic: Online learning

Stories from Australian academics in unit coordination roles that touch on the topic of online learning.

Don’t go overboard

This coordinator has learnt not to reinvent her unit every semester and to be economical with her time. She loves being an academic and the autonomy it allows. More…

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Consumed by the role

This Unit Coordinator and sub dean took an active interest in her university’s policies and became sought after for her expertise. She learnt from a good leader how to be one and grew in confidence and creativity. More…

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Believe in yourself

There are lots of tips for new academics provided by this coordinator. More…

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Only here for the students

This Unit Coordinator describes her heavy teaching workload and the poor administration support she receives. Despite this she enjoys her time teaching and has received outside recognition for her efforts. She also describes her strategy to publish her work. More…

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Using a 21st century teaching model

As an experienced Unit Coordinator this Senior Lecturer describes the improvements he has made to teaching and learning within his Engineering School through the use of technology. His work is acknowledged by both his university leadership and his international peers. More…

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Managing the workload

This Unit Coordinator began her career in a regional university setting before moving to a city based research intensive university. She describes the differences in technology application between the universities and the level of support provided to Unit Coordinators. More…

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Prioritising my responsibilities

Despite five years experience as a unit coordinator this coordinator thinks it gets busier. With experience it becomes easier because you know what to do and how to do it but every year there are challenges. This year, for example, the electronic communications system was changed so she needed to learn the new system.

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Using my time wisely

This coordinator faced the newness of technical issues initially and associates lack of administration support with a lack of value by her institution. Dealing with staff hiring, paperwork and other admin tasks removes her from focussing on the students and other important areas that her education and experience have prepared her for. More…

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Thrown in at the deep end

Thrown in at the deep end in the beginning led this coordinator to take any courses on offer to improve performance. He enjoys the responsibility, autonomy and authority of the role and being in control. However, as his role is primarily teaching he feels less valued as an academic because of the value placed on research. More…

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