Topic: First-year experience

Stories from Australian academics in unit coordination roles that touch on the topic of the experience of first year students.

Organising teaching and learning is a big responsibility

To learn about teaching and learning this Unit Coordinator in engineering reads in the area. He finds coordination complex and prepares for a semester well in advance to reduce pressure. He finds first years have high expectations of being given everything and has adapted his approach. More…

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Taking responsibility for change

After many years experience in other universities this Unit Coordinator describes his surprise on handover arrangements at his new university. Strategies to introduce change and empower staff are described throughout his story. More…

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Introducing innovation

This Unit Coordinator describes innovative teaching and learning strategies involving the use of technology, research and collaborative projects with external bodies. More…

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New academics

This coordinator is of the view that many new academics are thrown in at the deep end and are given too much responsibility for which don’t have the experience. He goes on to provide tips that may help them to cope with the workload and gain perspective.

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Supporting university learning and teaching

As Director of a T & L unit, supporting the coordinators is seen as critical. The development of an e-planner was an important step in alleviating some of the administration headaches from their role. More…

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Finding time

This coordinator found no common definition for her role in the Physical Sciences but has the autonomy to run the units as she wishes. Feels hopeless with 1st years because of the hand holding required. After logging her time, found that 80% involved administration unrelated to preparing or delivering teaching materials. No time to browse recent literature. More…

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