Topic: Assessment design

Stories from Australian academics in unit coordination roles that touch on the topic of assessment design.

Positively impacting on students

Originally from overseas, this coordinator in building and construction has found it difficult to adjust to the operational anomalies he has encountered. Nevertheless, he gains great satisfaction from the positive impact he has on his students. More…

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Developing sessional staff

This coordinator supervises 30 sessional staff. To engender a consistent pedagogical approach with students she approached the T & L unit to develop a training program, which engaged staff strongly. Feeling isolated arises from work in a specialist area and limited collaboration opportunities. More…

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A kind of leader role

A first year lecturer in Science with heavy teaching load and ARC research feels like she is sinking at times. Her 1st year unit is large as is the admin load, which removes focus from student learning. There is greater flexibility to improve her 3rd year unit. She seeks advice from supportive colleagues as needed, and enjoys influencing student learning and the challenges of combining research and teaching.

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