Topic: Approach to learning

A selection of stories from academics in unit coordination roles that touch on the topic of Approach to Learning.
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Sustained by passion

Keeping subjects alive by implementing student feedback, entertaining them with stories and keeping the spoken word simple are keys to engaging the students of this Unit Coordinator who leads units set in early modern history. More…

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Learning to teach by osmosis

This Unit Coordinator learnt the role by being immersed in it, and to teach by osmosis and stumbling across approaches that worked. He advises tutors to provide an environment that enables students to develop their own mastery. More…

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Bridging the university and profession gap

The role of coordinator in this pathology course is enormous and there is never enough time. The unit has multiple components and is difficult but the students love it because everything taught is placed in a clinical context. Organising and preparing well before classes start is helpful in coping. More…

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Developing a different way of thinking

Design engineering approaches learning differently to other engineering units. It trains students to think and reflect differently to resolve design problems. This narratives expands on the approach. More…

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Making a difference

After documenting teaching behaviours and strategies that she appreciated as a student this Unit Coordinator shared her information with colleagues. Using innovative approaches in her lessons resulted in her receiving teaching awards and promotion to lead teaching and learning in her university school. More…

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Using a 21st century teaching model

As an experienced Unit Coordinator this Senior Lecturer describes the improvements he has made to teaching and learning within his Engineering School through the use of technology. His work is acknowledged by both his university leadership and his international peers. More…

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A Sense of frustration

As an academic in the health sciences, this Coordinator recognises the interest his clinical staff has in teaching and learning. He describes the under resourcing and under appreciation they overcome to provide strong outcomes for their students. More…

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