Teaching and assessment – Quick Tips


Below are some quick tips for the challenges associated with the theme Teaching and assessment.  The tips are itemised in dot form and are unashamedly simplistic, but are included to meet the just in time needs of busy academics. There is occasional overlap between themes.

Challenges may be minimised by:

  •     Building rapport with students
  •     Encourage students to ask questions, argue, contribute and be critical
  •     Enrolling in teacher training
  •     Implementing a T & L strategy
  •     Moderating all assessments to ensure consistency
  •     Recording all marks
  •     Seeking out support
  •     Sharing coordination
  •     Splitting marking
  •     Splitting tasks
  •     Striving for good student feedback
  •     Taking courses/pd on offer
  •     Maintaining perspective
  •     Using more group work in classes
  •     Including workshops, mini case studies and project based teaching
  •     Applying passion and enthusiasm to teaching
  •     Encourage students to attend classes by producing a thin study guide
  •     Introduce gaps into powerpoint slides
  •     Setting high expectations
  •     Not wasting time producing ‘perfect’ slides and hand outs
  •     Hearing what the students want and giving it to them
  •     Only planning the basics to a lecture and adding as you go along
  •     Developing a personal teaching philosophy and framework
  •     Use cartoons, competitions, quizzes, and new facts about topics
  •     Thinking of lectures as ‘performances’
  •     Clearly articulating unit objectives with students up front
  •     Devising quick surveys to gain feedback on student opinion and intercepting potential problems

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