Teaching Large Classes Project (2001) Final Report

Chalmers, D. (2003). Teaching Large Classes Project (2001) Final Report. Australian Universities Teaching Committee (AUTC). 

This report presents the findings of a national project supported by the Australian Universities Teaching Committee (AUTC) on the evaluation and dissemination of best practice for teaching large classes.  The project identified that there are qualitative differences in the teaching of large classes, but that the principles of good teaching still apply. For example, a key aspect of quality teaching is personalizing the student experience, and in larger classes this is achieved through peer-based interactions rather than involving the lecturer directly. In addition, resource allocation is also very important to ensuring quality learning experiences for students. For coordinators, this involves working with other teachers in the unit to promote curriculum cohesiveness and ensuring that effective learning and teaching activities are used. The administrative load is also significant and supports for the unit coordinator are an important part of ensuring quality teaching.

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