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The criteria of effective teaching in a changing higher education context

Devlin, M. & Samarawickrema, G.

The developmental needs of higher education academic leaders in encouraging effective teaching and learning

Debowski, S. & Blake, V.

The first year experience in Australian universities: findings from 1994 to 2009

James, R., Krause, K-L., & Jennings, C.

The ideal research-teaching nexus in the eyes of academics: building profiles

Visser-Wijnveen, G. J., Van Driel, J. H., Van der Rijst, R. M., Verloop, N., & Visser, A.

The quality of guidance and feedback to students

Hounsell, D., McCune, V., Hounsell, J., & Litjens, J.

The RED Website – Recognition Enhancement Development

Council of Australian Directors of Academic Directors (CADAD)

The Teaching-Research Nexus

Krause, K. (Project Leader)

The teaching-research nexus in the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences: Final report

Stehlik, T.

Tiddas Showin’ Up, Talkin’ Up and Puttin’ Up: Indigenous Women and Educational Leadership

Bunda, T. A., White, N., & Wilson, M.

Transnational Education: Developing Leadership Capability

Mazzolini, M., Yeo, S., & Ling, P.

Walking on the WILD side: lessons from university women and a university wide leadership program

Weir, J. & Thomas, J

Work Intensification and Emotional Labour among UK University Lecturers

Ogbonna, E., & Harris, L.
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