Learning Leaders in Times of Change

Scott, G., Coates, H., & Anderson. S. (2008).  Learning Leaders in Times of Change: ALTE & ACER. 

This 2008 project report outlines a leadership capability and competency framework for senior academic leaders through to program chairs.  However, the study is relevant to anyone in a university context with an opportunity for promoting teaching and learning change that wants their efforts to make a difference and to be successful. In relation to each formal leadership position, the study explores factors such as similarities and differences between roles, what academic leadership means and what effective performance is perceived to be. Themes that emerge within the study focus on demonstrating leadership and developing one’s leadership capabilities and include:

  • What leadership entails for those supporting T&L in universities
  • Capabilities & strategies that count most in addressing key leadership challenges
  • Practical higher education specific and role specific ways to take good ideas and make them work
  • Managing change alongside one’s own learning and development
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