Developing a community of practice around teaching: a case study

Laksov, K., Mann, S., & Dahlgren, L.  (2008). Developing a community of practice around teaching: a case study.  Higher Education Research & Development, 27(2), 121-132.

Laksov and colleagues (2008) provide a good example of learning leadership and collaboration and sharing.  They argue that higher education teacher’s approaches to learning are influenced by their conceptions about teaching and learning; and that these are subject to influence and change by the community within which they teach.

This article outlined a collaborative project within a research-oriented Science department, which aimed to increase teaching quality.  As a result of the initiative, links between motivation and approaches to learning were better understood, education processes were made more visible, educational discourse was engaged with and emergent change was driven by collaboration and dialogue (as opposed to top-down approaches). Teacher- versus student-centered teaching practices were identified and addressed. A new coffee-machine was instrumental as providing opportunities for staff to engage in dialogue!

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