Academic leadership: fundamental building blocks

Vilkinas, T., Leask, B., & Ladyshewsky, R. (2009). Academic leadership: fundamental building blocks [Resource book]. Strawberry Hills, New South Wales: Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

This detailed and dynamic resource is designed to assist coordinators to grow and develop their academic leadership skills and capabilities. It is aimed at academic coordinators (program directors or course/unit coordinators) and is based on the Integrated Competing Values Framework [ICVF]. The ICVF identifies five roles that effective academic leaders engage with: developer, monitor, deliverer, broker, innovator. The first half of the resource outlines workshop resources and guidelines which accompany the training offered. However, the second half identifies ways that academic coordinators can personally develop each of the leadership roles and includes worksheets, tasks and suggestions. A range of skills are developed including the following:

  • Being a critical observer
  • Delegating effectively
  • Monitoring group processes
  • Managing your time/stress
  • Negotiating effectively
  • Managing resistance to change

This resource is a good guide to developing the ability to inspire, motivate and influence peers in the academic coordinator role, where there is a lack of formal authority to achieve this.

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