Leading learning – Quick Tips


Below are some quick tips for the challenges associated with the theme Leading learning.  The tips are itemised in dot form and are unashamedly simplistic, but are included to meet the just in time needs of busy academics.  There is occasional overlap between themes.  Challenges may be minimised by:

  •     Applying enthusiasm
  •     Acting confident and professional
  •     Adopting well regulated behaviours
  •     Being well organised.
  •     Mentoring in different ways of teaching & reflection
  •     Reflecting on what leading learning means to you
  •     Modelling professionalism and conscientiousness
  •     Realising the importance of the role
  •     Acting like a leader
  •     Self belief
  •     Maintaining composure
  •     Taking considered risks
  •     Using initiative
  •     Adopting facilitative collaboration
  •     Being strategic
  •     Exerting a positive influence on others
  •     Develop a coherent/sustainable communication strategy and stick to it

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