Maintaining and improving unit quality – Quick Tips


Below are some quick tips for the challenges associated with the theme Maintaining and improving unit quality.  The tips are itemised in dot form and are unashamedly simplistic, but are included to meet the just in time needs of busy academics.  There is occasional overlap between themes.

Challenges may be minimised by:

  •     Collaborate with colleagues, industry partners to improve quality
  •     Making changes only after first  coordination
  •     Not making sweeping changes
  •     Reviewing and incorporating student feedback
  •     Tweaking and shaping
  •     Valuing and acknowledging the good work
  •     Meeting accountability standards
  •     Reporting on why students are not performing well
  •     Offering flexible delivery options
  •     Searching the intranet for relevant templates and processes
  •     Seeking advice from experienced coordinators
  •     Accepting that the time spent improving a unit will rarely be recognised or rewarded

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