How to use this site

The site may be navigated in a number of ways:

Themes: selecting one of the nine themes, located in the left hand bar, will direct you to narrative summaries for that theme.  Read and select those of interest by clicking on More.  At the bottom of each narrative are links to the related resources and videos.

Narrative Tags:  situated on the right hand side are links to narratives that have resources aligned with each Tag.

Resources: are grouped by topic.  Narratives which comment on a topic will have the relevant resource links beneath them.  Select those of interest and the resource summaries for that topic will be displayed.

Narratives, Resources and Videos tabs: situated in the top bar, these tabs provide alphabetical listings of all narratives, resources and videos contained on this site.

Quick Tips tab:  in the top bar this tab provides suggestions to minimise and/or handle the challenge being experienced.  They are unashamedly simplistic but are included to meet the just in time needs of busy coordinators.

Search:  use your own key words to search for narratives and resources.

Leave a Comment:  We invite you to leave a comment at the ‘Your comments’ Tab on the top bar.  For example, feedback on a resource or your experiences as a Unit Coordinator.

Quotes:  found beneath the Narrative Tags these are included to inspire, and remind you of the value and importance of you and your role.

Reflective Questions : If you wish, please respond to the three reflective questions in the Leave a Comment box at the end of each narrative:

  1. To what extent do the challenges outlined here resonate with your own experience?
  2. How were the challenges handled by this Unit Coordinator?
  3. How will you go about handling your own, related challenge/s?

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