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Teaching an on-line unit meant there were no timetabling, coordinator or tutor ‘complications’ experienced by this coordinator. She feels her skills are valued and is part of a supportive team, and views unit coordination as important and an opportunity to show leadership. More...

My appointment to this faculty is recent so I feel particularly valued right now. In my previous academic position at this university I was not a unit coordinator though supported others who were. On arrival here I was asked how I saw my new role and I identified unit coordination as an interest. I also indicated that research, conference travel and training for professional development interest me. In this, my first unit coordination, I am responsible for an on-line unit which has been available for the three previous years. Before beginning I reviewed the feedback comments available from previous years, and then I made minor changes. I have no timetabling, co-coordinator or tutor complications.

Since taking up my new ‘teaching and learning’ position I received no training or face to face induction about unit coordination though it was available. As an experienced educator I simply did not see it as necessary. Currently I am helping to write the unit coordinator handbook so I have learnt much while assisting with that. In this faculty I feel that my skills are valued and though I am working outside my area of expertise others recognise the transferability of my skills. In my previous position I received no comment, positive or otherwise, about my contribution to the faculty so I feel I am in the right place now.

As unit coordinator I make decisions about the curriculum, assessment and general running of the unit. I enjoy more responsibility and the autonomy of unit coordination. I am part of a team that supports each other, recognises the skills of others and offers opportunities for further development while also communicating regularly. I view unit coordination as an opportunity to show leadership and do not see it as a burden as many others I know see it. I also view unit coordination as an important role and part of an academics’ work.

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