Just in time; just for me’

Welcome to the website for the ‘Just in time, just for me’ narrative support for unit coordinator’s project.  This a collaborative project between two Western Australian universities: Murdoch University and Edith Cowan University.  The project was funded by the Australian Teaching and Learning Council (ALTC), now the Office for Learning and Teaching.

This website was built for coordinators of units and Academic Developers working in the Higher Education sector. It contains narratives and a wide variety of resources selected for their relevance to the role, and the challenges arising. The narratives were crafted from conversations with your colleagues working in universities around Australia who shared their valuable insights into this challenging, exciting and very important leadership role.

A unique feature of the site are the video clips produced from interviews with experienced Unit Coordinators.  This invaluable resource provides tried and tested solutions in a ‘just in time’ format.

This project was inspired by an earlier project that identified the challenges and complexities of this role, and established that unit coordinators are truly leaders of learning (see Report and Booklet of Proformas at: http://www.olt.gov.au/project-clarifying-developing-valuing-murdoch-2007).  It became apparent that there are few dedicated resources available to Unit Coordinators and that this represented a gap in the support and staff development options available in many institutions.

We are proud of our project’s primary deliverable: this website. We hope it will support all hard working and time poor Unit Coordinators, inspire alternate solutions to ‘old’ problems; and help new Unit Coordinators to learn about and cope with the many aspects of the role. The site is also intended for Academic Developers to initiate discussion and reflection on, for example, how unit coordinators might resolve the challenges highlighted in a narrative.

Support for this project has been provided by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching. The views expressed in this project do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching.


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